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Mickey Juanda and the Orangutan Journey team will introduce you to the Orangutans and  the other amazing wildlife of Borneo, the third largest island of the world.  You will meet the  magnificent creatures “the Orangutans” in their original habitat, and enjoy the genuine  hospitality of our team.  These are just couple of many reasons why you should contact us  and arrange your trip 

The Journey highlights

Borneo / Kalimantan Borneo is the home of an amazing diversity of wildlife, dominated by some of the oldest known tropical and peat swamp rain forest in the world.   Kalimantan is the Indonesian name for the area of Borneo that is Indonesian national territory. Kalimantan is known for the diversity of its natural plants and animals, and the genuine hospitality of its people. Visit Tanjung Puting National Park Tanjung Puting is a protected national park about 415.040 hectares area. This park is one  of the largest tropical rain forests left in South East Asia.  Located in Kalimantan, Tanjung  Puting National park is a peninsula-shaped area composed of dryland dipterocarp forest,  peat-swamp forest, heath forest, mangrove and costal beach forest, and secondary forest.   It is known for its wonderful biodiversity, a unique national heritage.  We can clearly say it is the 'world capital' of that magnificent primate the Orangutan.  The Orangutans The Orangutan are one of the world’s most magnificent and endearing primates.  They are  related to chimps and gorillas, and can only be found in Borneo & Sumatra.  Orangutans  share the second highest percentage of DNA (97%) with humans (after chimpanzees).  Their behavior is very closed to people, their individuality, their character, their social  relationships. The best place to meet this amazing creature, in its native habitat, is in  Tanjung Puting National Park. Camp Leakey Camp Leakey is world famous and is one of the places you will visit in Tanjung Puting  National Park on the "Orangutan Journey". This world renowned project was established in  1971 by the now famous Orangutan expert, Dr. Birute Mary Galdikas, with assistance of  Indonesian Forest Ministry, and The Leakey Foundation.  Dr. Galdikas, who is also the  President of Orangutan Foundation International (OFI) began her career studying the  behavior of rescued and orphaned orangutans as they were reintroduced into the wild.   The boat - so-called “Klotok“ There are few roads in the forests of Kalimantan - the "highways' are the rivers. The  'Orangutan Journey' is all by Klotok a traditional design of a double-deck wooden built,  motor powered boat, about 10 – 20 meters long.  It is commonly called a Klotok because of the sound of its exhaust system “tok, tok, tok”.  You will enjoy your 'Orangutan Journey' on  the Klotok on the rivers of Kalimantan - a relaxing and unique experience, on a craft  obviously designed for comfort and safety.  Meet The Locals No journey is complete without meeting the locals. Borneans are divided into two main  tribes, The Dayaks and Malayan people. Whether it’s our Klotok staff or community  members in the park, you will be charmed by their genuine hospitality, humility and their  culture.  The Orangutan Journey Team Our highly-skilled, personable, English-speaking team will ensure you a trip of a lifetime.  Please visit our “Meet The Team” page for your introduction.  Each team guide is supported  by a helpful boat captain and his assistant, also an experienced cook. This is not "5 Star travel and accommodation", but it is, a great adventure, a wonderful  experience, in reasonable comfort, and something you will always remember.

About Us and the Orangutan Journey

Your own personal Klotok and crew.
Your own personal Klotok and crew.
Mickey leads the way - a back-pack full of water bottles
Mickey leads the way - a back-pack full of water bottles.
Location Tanjung Puting National Park and Camp Leakey

About paying a visit to the Orangutans of the forests of Kalimantan (Indonesian Borneo)

One big family - a great time was had by all
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One big family - a great time was had by all
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