Hmm! - looks edible. I'm on my lunch break - do you like Termites? Law enforcement officer at work! Welcoming Committee  - A busy day at the office ! The rivers are the roads of the jungle. Proboscis Monkey at the riverside. You will not go hungry with Mickey in charge. Getting ready for bed in the last light of day. Family Law Confrontation - between a new mother (top) and a barren female wanting a cuddle of the newborn. Those big humans take a lot of space ...! Orangutan - Teenage years! Relaxing on board your Klotock. A special trip for all the family

Photo gallery of the Orangutans of Kalimantan (Indonesian Borneo) and their friends.

Doyok, the head man of Camp Pondok Tanggui. Starting at  a very young age.

Your Orangutan Journey is a photographers dream!

Those big humans take a lot of space ...!
The Photo Gallery hardly does justice to the wonderful and varied photo opportunities you will encounter on the Orangutan Journey.
Don't cross the boss Some people are just plain greedy!
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Night on the water The apprentice!
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Dinner on the boat False Gharial Crocodile Mickey and Monica with President Clinton