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The Orangutan Journey Guide Team

Guide Team for your visit to the Orangutans of the forests of Kalimantan

Mickey Juanda A staunch advocate for eco-tourism and conservation, Mickey Juanda takes great pride in sharing  his native Borneo’s wildlife, nature and culture with the world. Guiding since 2011, he comes with  an extensive experience in hosting tours for such diverse groups as government officials,  documentary television crews, tourism representatives, families and individual adventure  travelers.    Mickey’s team of certified guides all hail from Indonesia and share an unparalleled passion for  their country’s natural beauty. Visitors are guaranteed an authentic cultural experience as each  naturalist proudly introduces the wonders of Tanjung Puting National Park and the surrounding  communities.  The team is deeply committed to ethical and responsible tourism.  
Agung Passionate about nature photography,  Agung leads our private tours tailored  to domestic visitors.
Faisal  Faisal leads both private  and family tours and comes with experience guiding  groups from leading  international cruise  companies. In order to  provide the best guest  experience possible, his  group tours are limited to a  maximum of 12 guests.
Dede   Dede’s creative spirit strives to produce a unique experience  for each tour. He leads private  and family tours in addition to  small groups of no more than  8 guests.
Nina Gregarious by nature and a  weekly fixture guiding in the  park, Nina also provides  private and family tours as  well as small groups.
Monica An unabashed nature and  animal lover enthusiastic to  share her interests, Monica  specialises in private tours to  the park and surrounding  areas.