Itinerary - 3 day visit to the Orangutans of the forests of Kalimantan and their friends.

Orangutan Journey Itinerary - 3 days 2 nights - all accommodation and meals included

Day 1  Airport – Kumai – Tanjung Puting National Park

Meals Provided : (L – D) A tour guide (part of our team), will pick you up upon your arrival at the “Iskandar” airport, Pangkalan Bun, Borneo.  Your Guide will take you on a 25–30  minutes drive from the airport to Kumai (the harbor town), you will get your welcoming introduction to the island of Borneo. In Kumai, you will board the “Klotok” (boat), (your private transportation included in your package), and be introduced to the Klotok team (Capain, Cook  and Crew) who will attend to your every need on the rivers of your journey.  There is a lot to see on your cruise down the river - the port of  Kumai, boat building yards, the amazing multi story 'bird homes' (the source of "Birds  Nest Soup"). After about 30 minutes your boat will entering the ‘main gate’ of Tanjung Puting National Park, another smaller river named the “Sekonyer”. During the 2 hours (or so)  river cruising it takes to reach the first camp of the National Park – Camp Tanjung Harapan – your tour guide will be  explaining about the forest, the animals you may see, places to be visited, and you will be enjoying your lunch served on the boat, with the fresh jungle  air and passing, ever changing, river scenery. Please don’t hesitate to ask anything you want to know, or even to slow down the boat if you see any  special sighting. At Camp Tanjung Harapan, you will need to make a light trek through the forest of about 1 km to get to the feeding platform, where the forest  orangutans feed. There will be plenty of time to enjoy the experience and take pictures of the orangutans feeding activity. After the feeding of orangutans, and walking back to the boat, you can relax on the journey to your overnight accommodation.  You will be served "afternoon tea' a plateful of delicious local recipe fried bananas, and be amused by the show of proboscis monkeys along the river banks. Takeing pictures is a must! Your Klotok will arrive at Rimba Lodge around sunset and you will be checked in for dinner and your nights' accommodation.  This will officially end your  first day of the journey.  Your evening is free time - to explore the Lodge, rest, relax and get ready for tomorrow!

Day 2 Camp Pondok Tanggui – Camp Leakey

Meals Provided : (B – L – D) After breakfast at The Lodge, around 7.30 in the morning, you will board your Klotok and  journey up river, for about 1 hour, to the second camp of the National Park, Camp Pondok  Tanggui.  The tropical rain forest is presented in its natural morning view with the opportunities  of sighting primates and wild birds from the boat.  On landing, another 1 km light trek through  Pondok Tanggui Camp is required to reach the feeding platform of the orangutans. The feeding  activity here starting by 9 am daily. CAMP LEAKEY After Camp Pondok Tanggui, you will journey  upriver to the famous Camp Leakey.  You will have your lunch served on the boat along the way.  As you  approach Camp Leakey the forest canopy thickens, and the black waters of the river narrow. The sights, sounds and 'nature dramas' on the river are all  an important part of your journey. On arrival at Camp Leakey’s dock, you may (sometimes) be welcomed by some of the semi-wild orangutans resident at Camp Leakey. Quite a large resident population of orangutans live around Camp Leakey as permanent residents. Your guide will know the history of the individuals you meet and you will find it interesting to observe the social interaction of the orangutan families and individuals.  In Camp Leakey, your journey will be focused on forest trekking, where you can witness firsthand the biodiversity of the Borneo tropical rain forest.  Supplementary feeding for the orangutans starts from 2 PM. The Camp Tourism Information Centre is worth a visit and provides a great deal of background information on the history and findings of the Camp Leakey project. Flexibility is one of the elements we offer you on your journey, your tour guide will be in no rush and will encourage you to explore interesting aspects of  the camp / the forest / the wildlife and the orangutans in their kingdom. You will have time to take pictures of special sightings or even to absorb the  feeling the nature in a contemplative way. As the evening draws in you leave Camp Leakey, heading back to Rimba Lodge to end the second day of your journey. (You also have an option to stay overnight on the boat and experience a night moored to the river bank in the depth of the forest.  Please let us know in  advance if you wish to book this option).

Day 3  Downriver to Kumai – Airport

Meals Provided : (B) After breakfast at Rimba Lodge, say farewell to the lodge’s staff, and board your Klotok for the final cruise downriver back to Kumai Harbor. We offer you an option to stop and take a look around a local village. You can also shop for local handicrafts in the village. After the village, cruise downstream back to Kumai Harbor.  Your tour guide will accompany you until the farewell wave at the airport, your journey  officially ends. Prices : US$ 995 per person (Single Participant) US$ 875 per person (Based on two person sharing) Please contact us by email to get group tour prices / 4 person above (Price and itinerary may be subject to change) Prices Include : - All accommodation and meals - A certified Tour Guide, English speaking - A comfortable, purpose built, powered Boat (Klotok) - Fresh and hygienic food & beverage  - Unlimited bottled drinking water - Cook - Entrance Permit / Tanjung Puting National Park Ticket - Camera charges  - National Park’s Rangers Donation  - Road Transportation (Airport – Kumai, Kumai – Airport / Pangkalan Bun)  Prices Exclude : - Personal expenses - Flight tickets Gratuity Guide : Tipping your guide and your team is necessary and is an important part of their job satisfaction and financial reward.  It is customary to tip them around  15 – 20 % of your journey price, depending on your satisfaction of their services. Our best suggestion on this is for you to share the amount according to the level of their duties.  Please give your tip to each of them personally so everyone feels the honour of it.